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Align text to right of [Plugin] WordPress


Looking to use a plugin such as [easingslider] and then have text to the left or right, as opposed to it falling directly beneath as it does presently. Other sites are able to do this (, however DIVs/CSS is not my strong suite so I've not been able to replicate it.

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Reland Pigte answers:

Sent you a pm.

Reland Pigte comments:

@Julio Potier: Is there any problem with that? everyone can send PMs here.

Reland Pigte comments:

Ok Sorry guys, my bad


Kannan C answers:

if you can use template tag for easyslider, then do like

<div id="slider">
<?php if (function_exists('easing_slider')){ easing_slider(); }; ?>
<div id="text-content">
<p>your text goes here...</p>

add in your css

#slider { width: 40%; float:left; margin-right:2% }
#text-content { width: 58%; float:left; }

you may need to set slider width in the settings


Fahad Murtaza answers:

Simple, create two dics floating next to each other. Then use easing slider in the left one just like

Hope I make sense :)

Fahad Murtaza comments:

Kanan above has even given you the basic code for that.

Fahad Murtaza comments:

Please share your code and we will try to fix it for you. Thats the best approach.


Hardeep Singh answers:


Either you can use the solution provided by Kannan or use an image slider plugin and customize its dimensions to suit the need.

There are few implementations that we did on: (image ONLY) (image & text and another one with Image only scroller )

If you want, I can get this done for you.

My contact information is available on my profile page.


Julio Potier answers:

@Reland Pigte: He's looking to use a plugin, can you just talk here instead of sending PMs !?


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi ee Dub,

The solutions above look good to me. Have you tried any of them?

@Reland Pigte:

Sorry for the downvote, but it is better if we all communicate using this form.


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