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Ajax for All Inserting Extra Linebreaks WordPress

I have a site at that has the Ajax For All Plugin installed and it is inserting extra spacing when you navigate to other pages.

- When you first arrive at the site, the Home tab is selected. Notice the spacing on the first post. Then click on Health & Wellness and notice how extra br tags are added.

- The URL is now If you change it to, the spacing is correct again.

- After seeing this, I did a preg_replace on wp_nav_menu to make all of the URLs absolute --- but unfortunately that breaks the ajax page refreshes.

How can I keep the ajax functionality as-is and remove those extra spaces?

Answers (1)


Oleg Butuzov answers:

Can you try to insert a <br/> instead using <br> after the_author() function call in your index.php?

jus tot see will space issue stay or not..


Jon T comments:

Actually I am using <br/> tags now. I think it may be carriage returns that are being rewritten somehow into <br> tags.

However, that gave me the idea of using hr tags instead of br --- and then I can remove all the styling in the css --- and that seems to work.

Oleg Butuzov comments:

as a way it has a right to live. you also can divide it by div and write styling with css.