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Advice on pushing content to multiple sites WordPress


I'm not asking how to do this in detail, as that would be a paid service. But I need to hear from you experts as to the best way to do the following:

I have salesmen who will have their own WordPress sites supplied by me. I want to add product pages that will pull product imagery and info from a single location, so they don't have to mess with manufacturer updates, adding new products, etc.

However, I also want a salesman to be able to override these auto pages, and add their own product pages if they want to tweak for SEO, or whatever the reason may be.

Currently, I have the product pages as custom post types on a master site. So my goal would be to have a salesman's site pulling all their product pages from my master site. But then if they go into the back end and check a box (or whatever) they can add their own custom post type that will then be active instead of the default one.

Is there a way to have all sites reference a primary WordPress site for this? Or should some type of XML implementation be used?

So again, I'm looking for general ideas and feedback to send me researching in the right direction.

Thank you!

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Dbranes answers:

Here are few ideas:

- use a multisite install (domain mapping for different sites?)
- use xml-rpc to communicate between external sites (push/pull?)
- custom data transfer (xml/json) between external sites (push/pull?)
- use the same mysql server for all those single installs (latency?)

Here are some [[LINK href=""]]examples[[/LINK]] from another question.

Kyler Boudreau comments:

Thanks for this info. Just voted the money to you. I'll take a look at these options.