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Address issues on checkout page w/ WooCommerce & Abundance theme WordPress


I'm using the WooCommerce plugin with the theme Abundance for this website:

If you add an item to the cart, I'm having a problem on the checkout page where you can't select a state. The billing address state often works, but then I can't select a shipping address state. I tried to de-activate all my plugins and cleared caches/etc, except for WooCommerce, but still experienced the problem.

I'm guessing it may be a conflict with one of my plugins like WP Google Fonts or Gravity Forms, but I've been unable to figure it out.

I'm on a Mac; it always seems to be a problem in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, sometimes Safari.

***I commented out line 6 in woocommerce-mods.js and that fixed the issue, but I'm still trying to figure out why it's doing that since the Abundance demo sites work fine, so I'm guessing it could be a plugin conflict?

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John Cotton answers:

Hi Brian

It's very strange.

The problem seems to be that the shipping state select is being messed up by the woocommerce-mods.js file.

But it works perfectly well for the first 3 select fields in that form.

There's a call to a function called avia_select_unify on line 6 of that file - you could try commenting that line out and checking that the select box is ok (it won't look right - that code is changing the look). If it is OK, at least you know where to focus your attention.

I've stepped through the code a few times and I can't see anything, but my hunch is that it's there or there abouts.....