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Additional size of pictures in gallery - karma theme WordPress


I use the karma-theme from themeforest. I would like to use the portfolio, with 1 column but with sizes 500*500, 500*333 and 333*500

And also with 3 colums 300*300 and 2 colums 400*400

(ofcourse only 1 size per page but be able to have different templates for the pages)

Is this possible to do? I have already got help to have the frames.


Thank you in advance!


Answers (3)


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Malin,

I can do it for you.

Estimated time is tomorrow, can you wait?


Malin Sundqvist comments:

It's OK with tomorrow!
If you want I'll be happy to let you do it.

Gabriel Reguly comments:

Hi Malin,

Great, I'll also be happy to do it.

Thanks for your patience.



Daniel Yoen answers:

for add image size, just put this line in functions.php

add_image_size("portfolio", 500, 333, true);

ref :

<?php add_image_size( $name, $width, $height, $crop ); ?>

to get thumbnail :


hope this help :-)

Malin Sundqvist comments:

Hi, where in functions.php do I need to put this?
And do I put one line for each size? Are they possible to choose if I do so?

Daniel Yoen comments:

top or bottom is OK, yes you need one line each size :-)

add_image_size("portfolio-small", 500, 500, true);
add_image_size("portfolio-medium", 500, 333, true);
add_image_size("portfolio-large", 333, 500, true);

add_image_size("portfolio-another-small", 300, 300, true);
add_image_size("portfolio-another-large", 400, 400, true);

note : if images already uploaded, you need to regenerate thumbnails with this plugin :

hope this help :-)

Malin Sundqvist comments:

Doesn't work. I can't see them as template-porfolio sites.
Don't I need to have new templates for each site in "pages attributes"?

Daniel Yoen comments:

In template-porfolio file, you need to replace existing thumbnail with new thumbnail name:


or you can send me template-porfolio file and I'll edit it for you :-)


Fahad Murtaza answers:

I recently solved the same problem for someone at

Please send me the access details if you want me to look into it.