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Adding social media links to my website? WordPress


Hello everyone!

I run a website that reviews music for unsigned artists. We would like to make a modification to our theme that would add social icons to a review if the band has a social website. To clarify this more, when we write a review we would like for there to be a box that says Facebook, if we enter the bands facebook link into that box it would then display a facebook icon on the review. If no link is entered then no icon would be displayed.

Would one of you guys be able to tell me what i would need to do to make this happen or be interested in actually making the modification for me for a price?

In the picture attached, the red outlined box is where we would like the icons to show up.

If i did not explain this in the detail that you guys need please let me know and I can add more information to this post.

Answers (3)


Julio Potier answers:


i can do this, just give me a ftp or admin access to website ;)

See you soon !

Julio Potier comments:

<strong>Job done :]</strong>


Luis Abarca answers:

You can add a custom metabox and store that fields in a custom post meta, then get the post meta and shows only if you get no empty values


John Cotton answers:

Find that spot in the PHP code for the theme and add this code in there:

global $post;

if( $fb_site = get_post_meta($post->ID, '_facebook_site', true) ) {
echo sprintf('<a href="%s"><img src="/images/facebook_icon.png" /></a>', $fb_site);

The, on each review page (in the dashboard), add a custom field called '_facebook_site' with the full http:// address of the site.

Job (almost) done. (You need to find a graphic and put the url of that graphic in the img src in the code above.