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Adding second user table WordPress


I need a plugin created that accomplishes these goals:

Add a secondary user data table (not replacing the original, but adding an additional table) that is located at a completely different server.

For example: Site A installs plugin, appends user table from Site B so that someone registered with Site B can login to Site A.

[[LINK href=""]]This may help[[/LINK]]

Allow the blog owner to choose one or more categories in which posts will be available to logged in users only. (Excerpts will be shown to public, full content to logged in users only)

To prevent conflicts with any existing users, I would like this function to release content to users with a unique role found in the appended user table. (not the default "subscriber" role available in WordPress core)

That's it. I am happy to further explain anything. <strong>I am happy to hear your ideas for other ways to accomplish my goal.</strong>

The overall purpose is to allow a blog owner to protect some of their content from public view unless a user from MY SITE logs in.

$5 amount is just prize money for the awarded freelancer. Obviously the plugin will cost more than $5.

Answers (2)


Lawrence Krubner answers:

Hi, I'm Lawrence Krubner, the co-owner of this site, WP Questions.

I just want to remind everyone, the person asking this "question" is really looking for an estimate about a larger project. You should post an estimate of what you think the work would cost.

I realize that what I'm saying here may seem obvious to some of you who are reading this. However, I think this is the first time someone used our new "jobs post" feature, so I just wanted to make sure that everyone understood the nature of the request being made.

Dusty Anderson comments:

Thanks Lawrence,
It is kind of confusing the way the job board works but I think it will be a helpful service.


Lawrence Krubner comments:

I agree with the comment below that says that Jobs Posts could be made more different. I also think I will implement the idea suggested here:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Lawrence Krubner comments:

And yes, I agree, the jobs posts should be a flat rate of $4. I will implement those changes this weekend.

Lawrence Krubner comments:

Okay, I made some visual changes to the way that job posts display:

1.) on the front page of the site, job posts appear in their own sections

2.) in the email that goes out to those who wish to be notified, the subject now makes clear that this kind of post is a job post, seeking an estimate, rather than a question.


Adam W. Warner answers:

Agreed with Cyrus above...the job post feature is a great feature and one I could utilize for hiring quick plugin creation work or customization, but I think the difference between a normal WP question and a job post question needs to be clearer.

Maybe a full width banner that says "This is a Job Post" for each one? ;)

Dusty Anderson comments:

Or maybe remove the "prize" field and charge a flat $5 or $10 for listing a job. Then ask experts to enter a bid amount with their comment. All other functionality should be able to remain the same.