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Adding a Picture Caption WordPress



I would like to add a caption below the main image on my photography gallery..

I want to use a plugin called yCyclista for my photo gallery. It can be downloaded [[LINK href=""]]<strong>here</strong>[[/LINK]]

You can view an example of how the plugin works [[LINK href=""]]<strong>here</strong>[[/LINK]].

I simply want the caption of the main image to appear below it.

Obviously, when i click on a different thumbnail and the caption should change too.

Thank you!

Answers (4)


Rashad Aliyev answers:


Why you don't want to use NextGen Gallery? That's more effective than yours.

After that you can integrate it to many plugins what you want.

NextGen Gallery has got caption, tag, title, watermark and etc. settings.

It's also integrated with your posts.

Ps: one of the other plugin using the NextGen Gallery source.

However If you still want to add caption to this plugin, (I mean you need a plugin developer) then you should increase your price.

Please feel free to ask your questions.

Best regards,

Mathias Vagni comments:

Thank you for your honesty. I'll le the question run out, time wise. If no one can fix the plugin im using at the moment, ill award you the money. Thanks.

Mathias Vagni comments:

I have experimentd with nextGen and you are right. Its really expansive. I just love the simplicity of the one im using now and for my technically not very inclined client it is much easier to edit and change. Make sense?

Rashad Aliyev comments:

You're saving settings one time. Then you can give permission to your customer what they can do. It's very favorite and best one of Gallery plugins. If you have any problem with it I can help you.

Mathias Vagni comments:

I tried what you told me and the main problem is that client specifically does not want any navigation on the pictures themselves. I need it to look exactly like this:

Any Ideas?

Rashad Aliyev comments:

If you still want to use ycyclista plugin then put your captions via any graphic software on your jpg files. Really that's very primitive way.

But if you don't want to choose other plugin and also don't want to improve this plugin for this settings, then you can use this way..

Best regards,


Pippin Williamson answers:

I'm not sure how to do it with that plugin, but I'd recommend using the PikaChoose gallery. It's really easy to set up and functions nearly exactly like the one you're using now.

I've already written a detailed tutorial on how to use it with WordPress:

Captions are really easy to set up.


Chris Lee answers:

Do you have your website up now that I can take a look at?

Mathias Vagni comments:

Yes. the link is:

Click on the photography section.

Thank, you.

Mathias Vagni comments:

I am playing with the css so dont be shocked if everything moves every time you refresh.

the more precise link is:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


Sidd answers:

Hi Mathias,

I checked out your plugin ycyclista completely and tried all variations possible . Sadly, there is no way to add captions as of now with the plugin in it's standard state. We will need to customize the plugin to suit your needs.

OK so what does that mean for you ? Well let's look at other options.

I have worked extensively with NexGen gallery and also with GRAND FIA gallery.
With NextGen see if you like this [[LINK href=""]]example1[[/LINK]]
and/or this [[LINK href=""]]example2[[/LINK]]

With Grand FIA see if you like this [[LINK href=""]]example3[[/LINK]]


Mathias Vagni comments:


I have allready solved this problem. There is a way to do it by adding the alt text of a picture, which for my needs is essentially enough via javascript below a picture.

In the sake of fairness i wont reveal how i did it. If anyone figures it out Ill award the the money.


Sidd comments:

Hey great. That's good that you got it going . Do you have a link to the page where I can see the working example ?

Mathias Vagni comments:

yeah sure, here is the link.

only the first and second thumbnail have a caption. until now. I have to add the rest and then do some css...