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Add to email list WordPress


You can see there is an item saying "add to email list" (in portuguese "Sim, adicione-me à sua lista de emails")

Somehow the checkbox is not showing on Chrome, just on IE.

I also need, when this checkbox is selected,to add the name and email on a list from Wysija. My contact form already does that. This is the job where the integration has been done:

I would also like to fix the captcha that is aligned left and looking very ugly.


Answers (1)


zebra webdesigns answers:


There is a CSS style in the style.css
which prevents from appearing you have to remove it
below is the CSS

.get-in-touch input, .get-in-touch textarea {
-webkit-appearance: none;
border-radius: 0;

you need to remove

-webkit-appearance: none;

css file location

since this is targeting only chrome there wont be any issue in removing it

for captcha
please add the below CSS

.cptch_block {
clear: both;
padding-top: 16px;

.cptch_block label{
float: left;
margin-right: 20px;
.cptch_block br{

zebra webdesigns comments:

If you are facing any issues with the CSS let me know I can help you through teamviewer [remote assistance].

skype id: bhuvan530531

mail: [email protected]