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Add left nav to gallery page Sterling Theme TrueThemes WordPress


The Sterling theme by TrueThemes comes with a left nav page template and gallery page templates, but no option for gallery with left nav. I need help to add the left nav to the gallery pages.

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Naveen Chand answers:

You may try this plugin: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

If you want me to implement this, I will be glad to do this.

EDIT: You'd also need to edit the gallery page template. Alternatively create a new page template with left nav and then add gallery shortcodes (you can do this if you are good at php and css).

slugger12 comments:

I want to use the same left nav that is already included in the theme seen here in the demo site then navigate to --> pages --> left nav

Naveen Chand comments:

Please skype me these two files:

1. The left nav template page
2. The gallery template page

These two files will be in your theme folder. I'll create a new template which will have gallery with a left nav. I'd need these two files so as to match the css styles.

My skype: knaveenchand or email me at [email protected]


Kiet Luong answers:

Let me help you do this.

skype: [[LINK href=""]]kioluong[[/LINK]]

Regards !

Kiet Luong comments:

I've checked it

slugger12 comments:

Great job, works perfect!


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

If you can send me your theme then I can make changes for you.
Godd luck.