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Add a results section to Jetpack Omnisearch for Custom Field WordPress


I need to have Jetpack's Omnisearch look inside an advanced custom field attached to posts
custom field name = "editors_comments"

I've been told by both the Jetpack developers and the Advanced Custom Field plugin devs that this should be possible but neither has been very forth coming on how to accomplish it.

A new results section needs to be added to Omnisearch to look in the custom field and show which posts contain the search query term(s).

Some hints [[LINK href=""]]here[[/LINK]]

[[LINK href=""]]and here[[/LINK]]

Answers (2)


Kyle answers:

Beth Alexander,

Since no one has posted a coding solution, I'd offer the advice you go with a plugin solution. Adding the [[LINK href=""]]Search Everything plugin[[/LINK]] will get the job done (I just tested). Make sure once you activate it that you go to Settings->Search Everything and check the box for Search Every Custom Field.

Let me know if that is acceptable.

Beth Alexander comments:

Yes I have that installed and it works on the front end, but I need this functionality in the Admin Dashboard.


Bob answers:

can you please confirm that I understood properly or not.

You want a field in backend(admin) which allow search of posts based on value of "editors_comments" right?

This one itself should another advanced custom field right?

Beth Alexander comments:

Yes Omnisearch works in the backend, I would like all the searching to take place through this Jetpack addon. Currently Jetpack's Omnisearch does not look at custom fields. I need it to look at the custom field "editors_comments" as part of the search process. "editors_comments" was added to the post type "posts" through the ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin. This is for the client's use in the backend not for site visitors.

Jetpack devs have said this requires adding a search results area as described in the first link in my original post, however they do not say how to have that be a custom field search result area other than to say it is possible.