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Add TinyMCE Dropdown Select To Insert Pre-Defined Text WordPress


Here's what I'm looking for...

I want to add a drop down to the TinyMCE editor.

I have approximately. 8 different phrases I want people to...

1.) Click the down.
2.) Select one of the 8 options.
3.) When clicked, the text for that option would be inserted into the editor at the point where the curser is located.


Answers (2)


Kailey Lampert answers:

I've got a plugin that'll do just that, here's a screenshot: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Select an option from the drop down, then the text will be inserted into the editor.

Send me your email address (you can PM it to me) and I'll send you a zipped copy of the plugin with instructions for customizing the options.

Armand Morin comments:

This is exactly what I'm looking for. I just sent a PM.


Armando Jaleo answers:

Hello Armand:

You can use for example:

and modify it for your propose.

I make it if you want.