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Ack! IE problems! WordPress


***Just one more thing lift - still having trouble with the dropdown menus!***

I just created a website using Wordpress and am just about ready to launch. However, I'm having some display issues with IE7. I think they are probably pretty simple fixes, however I'm busy trying to get content together, too, and would rather have someone help me than hunt down old IE workarounds!

The site is at


These issues have been fixed, thank you:
DONE!-1. On load the top banner appears for about 3 seconds and then disappears
DONE!- 3. “Follow Us!” Alt text showing in the social media icons on lower left corner.
DONE!- 4. Sidebar is not displaying in the right spot - instead of next to the main content, it appears below it (still on the side, but not next to the main section on the page)
DONE!- 6. Header text “bumps” into photo below it on Home page. This is in the feature content section, (Attaching a file to display this)

Still working on solutions for these:
2. Drop down menus are appearing behind other elements. I know this is a z index issue, just not sure where to put it....

Thanks for the help so far!


Answers (3)


Rashad Aliyev answers:

Hello as I see there're many bugs. I can help you.

Rashad Aliyev comments:

But I can give you a small solution. Find this codes on your site. (header.php)


<a href="#content"><img src="" alt="Skip Navigation"</a>

<body class="home-page">

don't use any code between in your </head> <body> tags. ;)

Laurie Moy comments:

Thanks for the quick response - I removed that piece, but I don't see that it changed anything. Besides, I need that in there somewhere for accessibility (508) purposes.


Vidyut Kale answers:

Add the z-index to class page-navigation in

.page-navigation {z-index:10}

<em><strong>In your header.php</strong></em>, find the opening doctype line <<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "

It begins with two of these "<<" remove one - its appearing on your page. This is preventing the browser from reading your document type accurately and likely will solve many problems by fixing.

About top banner - I don't have IE at all, so I don't know what exactly is happening :(

Follow us, sidebar and header seem fine. Can you tell me if the problem is still there after fixing the doctype?

About logo try adding

Laurie Moy comments:

Thanks Vidyut,
That fixed the sidebar issue. I can only get static screenshots in IE, so I'm not sure about the dropdowns, but thank you for letting me know where the z index value goes!

I'm attaching a couple of screenshots about the header. It appears in Firefox, but not in IE.
Also, the alt tags in the social media icons are displaying on top of the images. (screenshot attached for that as well)