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AUTOFOCUS PRO - add a scroll to text in single post WordPress


I have a single post that displays text in a column on the left with a width of 300px and would like to have a sleek scroll bar or arrow that will allow me to keep the height of the visible text to only 600px and if there is more text and a scroll bar to the right side. I think this can be done in css but have no idea how to do it for Autofocus pro.

Answers (2)


Michael Fields answers:

Adding a scrollbar via css is rather easy. You will need to locate the "wrapper" div that surrounds the text and then add the following styles to your style sheet:

#wrapper {

There could be other issues that may need to be dealt with. If you could please post a link to your post, I can give you the exact code to get the job done!


Duncan O'Neill answers:

More specifically, if you're doing this for just a single post:

Find the id of the post, and add the following code. The example below is for a post with an id of 50;

#content #post-50.hentry .entry-content {height:600px;overflow:auto;}

Or, to get the same result for post content on all single pages;

.single #content .hentry .entry-content {height:600px;overflow:auto;}