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ASAP! Wordpress Expert needed for 48 hour project-fix WordPress


Hi there,

- I hired a developer to create a wordpress-driven website form my psd design. They didn't follow my instructions for how the site should work.

- I don't know wordpress and thus cannot clean up their mess.

- I need a Wordpress expert who can fix this for me by Monday morning.

- This is purely Wordpress work. The site is technically functional and running- in Wordpress - but the structure of the site is wrong: (1. Things link improperly 2. the hierarchy is wrong 3. the wrong elements on pages are static vs dynamic 4. pages have the wrong templates assigned, etc.) All of the plugins work fine- it is basically just these broader structural, template issues.

- You will not need to deal with Photoshop, javascript, or anything else-- just Wordpress

- I will need to walk you through the site (and my comps) and explain how it should work on the phone.

Here is what I want to do:
If you think you can fix this for me <strong>by Monday</strong> (sorry to ruin your weekend) then<strong> [[LINK href="mailto:[email protected]"]]please contact me[[/LINK]]</strong> and I will send you the URL to the WP site and my comps. We will then have to talk on the phone so I can walk you through what is working and not.

Once you understand exactly what is needed and can assure me that you can have it done by Monday, we can agree on a price. This will be a fast, straightforward two day project. I know exactly what I want, have already created extensive documentation for how the site should work.



Answers (5)


Michael Fields answers:

Hi Kelli! Great working with you. Awesome communication on such a short deadline :)

Kelli Anderson comments:

Thanks for saving my project Michael! It was great working with you


Buzu B answers:

I'm available. I will PM you my contact information.

Buzu B comments:

WOW... congrats to whoever got it!


Monster Coder answers:

I am expert in wordpress. I am confident I can work with you.


Lawrence Krubner answers:

Kelli, I am one of the co-owners of WP Questions. I just want to say, when you have picked someone to work with, you should probably say so, so other people can know that someone is on the project.

Kelli Anderson comments:

Thanks Lawrence, I was just headed back over here to do so…


Thanks for the all of the responses! I have someone working on the project now.


Andrzej answers:

Just in case, I've also sent you my details