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2 minor css issues WordPress


Hi there,

I just have 2 small css issues on my website that I'm trying to get fixed quickly.

This is the website:

I want to center the groups of bulleted lists under the "Deliver actionable strategic..." header but I want the checkmarks / items to line up so that they are aligned left (I can add photo of what I want if that helps.)

Also I want to move the navigation arrows in the "testimonial" section to the left so that they are centered under "clients happy" when the screen is < 768px.

Hopefully that should be simple enough but let me know if clarification is needed.


Answers (2)


Reigel Gallarde answers:

try this css...

.to-list-holder {
display: table;
margin: 0 auto;
min-width: 280px;
.to-testimonial .owl-controls .owl-buttons .owl-prev {
right: auto!important;

wp510 comments:

Yes! That worked!

Thank you!!!


Espreson Media answers:

To center the checkmarks / items add a <div>

<div style="width: 600px;margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto;">

just above of first <div class="col col-6 txt-center">

Remember to close the <div> by </div> at the closing end of the <div class="col col-6 txt-center">

FOR: navigation arrows in the "testimonial"

.owl-controls .owl-buttons .owl-prev {
position: absolute;
width: 20px;
/* right: 25px; */
top: -40px;

wp510 comments:

Hi Sabartha,

Sorry I did not get to try your solution after I put in the one I received from Reigel, but thank you for your response!