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A web developer from Philippines. I love Wordpress, PHP, jQuery, javascript, css. and html. A web developer that will bring your web designs into reality.


If you have something for me, I'm ready.


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Written in response to Pull unique image from CPT:

@kyler, what's the status of this?


weird, am I the only one who has not received what I have with drawn?


Written in response to Override CPT setting in child theme:

I should have gotten the award. the poster said mine was the working solution.


Written in response to Need CF7 Form to popup in Fancy Box:


you answered 1 hour after mine with the same answer? lol
not exactly the same code, but still. WTF


Written in response to How to get images outside the post body to be the thumbnail image:

The vote is so wrong in so many levels... sigh...


Written in response to Mimic the attachment comment function:



Written in response to Need to pull thumb for ACF image.:

while using Image Object as return value:

$image = get_field('home_image');
$thumb = $image['sizes']['thumbnail'];
<img src="<?php echo $thumb; ?>">

could have been short and simple and still inside the scope of ACF :)
here's the doc link of ACF Image field. http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/image/

related link: http://stackoverflow.com/a/12333527/251986


Written in response to Users to Posts or Posts to Users....:

@Sam Cranwell I can't reply to this question cause it's expired.. I tried to reached you using your contact form in your website. But incase you haven't received it, you can mail me [email protected]


Written in response to INSERT INTO, UPDATE and DELETE with add_meta_box:

Hi experts on this site that can read this...
The asker says he can't upvote.
We both are new in this site.
I have answered the question, now how can the asker award me the prize?

I tried the tutorial link but it's giving me error 500 Internal Server Error...
Thank you...


Written in response to INSERT INTO, UPDATE and DELETE with add_meta_box:

I made a plugin for this... let me know if you still need one...


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