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This is Hariprasad, web developer from India. I have around 3 years of experience in web developing. Am using WordPress since 2011 and have experience in WordPress custom theme and plugin developing..

My programming skills : PHPJavascriptMySQLHTMLCSS

Mail me if you need my help. Mail id : [email protected]

Skype : phpsmashcode

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Written in response to something Romel Apuya wrote.

@Romel Apuya, i haven't taken your code/idea. It was just my thought and it worked. The idea may be similar because i think this is the only way to solve this. what should i do on that?

@timDesain Nanang i don't think your voting is fair. wpquestions is a forum anyone can provide answer, i provided the working code. The asker agreed it and voted for me. I agree @Romel Apuya may deserves something for his effort. But this isn't fair, i feel like it just wasted my effort.



Written in response to Custom posts_where query to restrict post visibility:

@Josh Cranwell I can't submit answer to question, May be this help.



Josh Cranwell, Josh Cranwell had responses to this.

Written in response to Add a custom body class to pages and posts :

@John Cotton I didn't get why the suggestion is down-voted. Is it wrong?


Written in response to display a preloader on the backend:


What's the difference between using admin_head or admin_footer hook? which one is most performant on that case?

admin_head, add content into header section of dashboard html. admin_footer add content to dashboard footer html section. header content load before footer content. Preloader loads fast when we add it on admin_head.


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Written in response to How to make a custom profile input field "required". :

@ gartlans

If a particular role can only see one custom field and they fill it out correctly they receive error messages for not completing custom fields they cannot see...

I had noticed this but i thought that you solved it.You can use the following code if you still not solved it. Following code is for filter/restrict fields validation based on role

add_action( 'user_profile_update_errors', 'validate_field' );
function validate_field($errors, $update = null, $user = null)
global $current_user;
if ( user_can( $current_user, "author" ) )
if ($_POST['exp_years']=='' or $_POST['exp_years']==NULL)
$errors->add('exp_years', "ERROR: Please select a valid value for exp years!");

Please feel free to ask doubt if you have on this. :-)


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Written in response to Create a menu that replicates my custom taxonomy hierarchy:

I really feel happy to see that the code worked perfectly with you. I kindly request you to vote for the answer I provided.


Written in response to SQL query for Buddypress Group Extension API Fields:

No one voted for my answer?


Written in response to shortcodes display outside content:

I don't know how to help, the question has expired. I just trying to answer now and hope that i am writing here will help to clear the issue.

You can use <!--more--> to limit the content. If you don't know how to use it, check the following link.



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