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PHP, Wordpress & Javascript/jQuery, CSS, specialize in Front End, Wordpress Theme development and jQuery plugin modification and integration with WP.


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Written in response to Problem with withdrawals on wpquestions:

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for opening this discourse,
I have problem with my account and I've been contact (email/pm and twitter) both Lawrence and Misty (wpquestions support) many times since may.

Misty acknowledge this issue and has forward this problem to Lawrence, but until this time I got no response, I thought Lawrence must be busy and I'll wait until He reply my email,
then Remy opened a questions about his wpquestion account withdraw problem, He got replied from Lawrence so I sent another message to lawrence regarding my issue, but still until now I got no response.

Maybe He didn't received my message? Anyone know another way to contact Lawrence?
I felt like I've been ignored for months.


Hi all, I had problem with my account, already contact Lawrence since may but didn't get any reply, what should I do?
Is there any of you that could successfully contact him? I hope he's Ok


Written in response to Contact Form 7 + Wysija:

The question expired, I couldn't post a comment, please check you mail box, I've sent you a message.


jonathan_bell, business_ideas, business_ideas had responses to this.

Written in response to Solve some issues with Woothemes Estate Theme:


I couldn't post comment anymore when your already voting for the prize,
regarding your maps, you could use plugin like maps marker or other maps plugin or convert your current v2 maps api to recent version.

Hope this help


Written in response to I need help with Infinite Scroll and my theme in WP:

Hi Dannygriffin,

The questions is closed for voting so I couldn't post comment.
You could see additional callback in your infinite scroll options page

basically I only use insert method
jQuery('.sort').isotope( 'insert', jQuery(newElements) );

and trigger reLayout when images inside added posts loaded.

For few error you've mentioned, that is not an error,
there are 2 jQuery plugin that is use on your site controlling posts,
one is jQuery Isotope plugin and the other is jQuery Infinite scroll.

Isotope control how post is filtered/arrange, so you will see some post hide/show based on filter,

while Infinite scroll will get posts in next page and added to current page.

so if you click one of filter for example "swimwear", it doesn't mean it will get all posts in "swimwear" category, but simply will only show/arrange posts in front page with "swimwear" category.

Remain "swimwear" posts in page 2, 3.. still need to fetch by infinite scroll which will be triggered if you scroll down the post.
Default shaken grid with infinite scroll work like this.

If you need to get all post you need to use custom trigger infinite scroll, that is when user filtered content.


Written in response to gravityform use dropdown choice as variable in gform_pre_render:


the questions is closed so I couldn't post a comment.
My question is, can I keep the value on the the dealer drowndown if the there is an error on the form?

The dealer country stays on the selected item which is great, how ever the dealer down resets back to 'default'.

Because 2nd <select> options element fetched using ajax, if you need to remember the value of this element, we can save it inside cookie.

please check this:

Also, I dont suppose you know a way or making...
$items[] = array( "text" => __('Select country...','mission-theme'), "value" => "default" ); 

...a non selectable item. So if my field is set to Field Required, how can I stop this from being a choice?

for validation on gform, empty value will return false to validate, on function get_dealer_name_fn(), please try to empty the "value" inside items array:
$items[] = array( "text" => __('Select dealer...','mission-theme'), "value" => '' );

and for javascript side, change:
if(country != 'default')

if(country != '') 


Hope this help


Written in response to something Lawrence Krubner wrote.

We're glad you're okay, Lawrence,
For web dev worker, 5 days without electricity is nightmare.. :)

we hope everyone doing well there, and back to normal..


Written in response to Add side Menu Navigation (Sticky), Add sticky widget footer...:

Hi Sly,

the questions thread is closed after vote so I couldn't answer it anymore,
did you mean the sidebar on right that has related post widget?

I think default sidebar position already has a non fixed position, could you pm me your site and detail what you need to change..



Written in response to something Julio Potier wrote.

Julio, if what you mean is build_search.php
The code isn't written by me.

Btw, Thanks for your concern.


Written in response to something Charles Klycinski wrote.

When I saw the question first time, I only see Julio answering with

i'm on it !

see you soon

After all the question is hard to read, it need some time for me to search what Charlotte reply to me. Big possibility that she went straight to the bottom, So she might not see what Julio answer next... :-D


Written in response to Align text to right of [Plugin]:

Just to remind everyone..

From this Question..
Lawrence Krubner says:
I just want to remind everyone that we prefer it if answers remain public. Please re-read this, if you haven't read it already:


This is a message from Lawrence Krubner, I am one of the co-owners of WP Questions.


***** Merry Christmas & Happy holidays *****
May the blessings, peace and joy of Christmas be with you and your family today and always.



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Written in response to Wordpress single post template (image gallery):

I think John Cotton and Clifford P deserve some fraction of the prize since they assist him although it finally use Julio solution.

And Julio ask the asker to raise the prize and give the added prize to John Cotton and Clifford P but end up with Julio get bigger share so I think its pretty fair..

I hope Julio doesn't mind.. :D


Written in response to New media upload page:

Both expert should continue to complete the asker requirement if needed,

The asker want a new media upload page that is completely separate from existing media upload and should have similar functionality (i.e managing file and upload file), and the link for the new media upload should be added under appearance menu.

Other expert should consider to vote so final calculation for given prize would be fair.


Written in response to Appearance Widget page is missing right half of page. can't edit:

I look at the time of both expert post an answer and compare it to last discourse time when the Asker solved his problem.

It's shows that the asker solved his problem long before second answer posted, so it solve based on Milan advise and I vote full prize for Milan.


Written in response to something Lawrence Krubner wrote.

I think the asker dispute will failed since he has to agree about using this site and all rules before posting question here, including voting when asker neglected his thread and didn't respond expert answer.

personally, I agree if you use source from community pot to cover your lose. This is happen unexpectedly comes from community and should not be borne solely by you.

I believe other expert will agree with me.

just my2cent :)


Gabriel Reguly, Lawrence Krubner had responses to this.

Written in response to something Romel Apuya wrote.

Romel, I believe it will be determine by specific calculation, with the asker vote get the most weight. Beside other expert already vote for you. The prize will still be split..


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Written in response to something Lawrence Krubner wrote.

Many thanks Lawrence...


Written in response to something Lawrence Krubner wrote.

Thanks Lawrence,

Could I ask you a question?
Did Asker can give the question prize directly to community pot?
I post an answer here and it confirm by the Asker is correct, but at the bottom it says "Current status of this question: Community pot".

Did the prize can goes to community pot directly since I could not found it on voting page?

Sorry, I'm not visiting this site for a while, so I couldn't aware the changes on this site..

Thank you


Lawrence Krubner had responses to this.

Written in response to lightbox problem:

Hi Karina,

The questions is expired so I couldn't answer it.
I've sent you a PM..



Lawrence Krubner had responses to this.

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