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Lawrence Krubner

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Darren Hoyt and I launched WP Questions in December of 2009.

In December of 2010 we rolled out our software for everyone. Check our blog for updates.


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WPQuestions.com launched on December 8th 2009. Happy Anniversary everyone!

I am devoting all of this month to work on the new version of the site, which will allow live chat and free FTP space where everyone can upload their files.


Written in response to can you pleaes provide me access to your site...:

Gabriel Reguly, why did you downvote this answer by Arnov Joy? Was this because he was asking for FTP info?


I just noticed a bug that was allowing some people to vote when they should not have had the power to vote. I just fixed this. Please let me know if you notice anything strange about the voting.

My focus these last few months has been on a new version of the site that will allow live chat. But this next week I will again be focused on fixing the bugs in the existing site.


Written in response to something Abdelhadi Touil wrote.

I am sorry about the email notifications. I broke that last week during a deploy that fixed a different problem. I believe that the email notifications are now fixed? I just posted a question, did everyone get notified of it?


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Regarding the "Most upvoted expert of the month" and the prize money. I originally said that if there was a tie vote the money would be carried forward to the next month. I did not realize that tie votes would be so common. Most months we have had a tie vote.

I'll be changing this over the weekend, to allow the prize to be split where there is a tie vote. So the prize will be paid every month, and the money will be split among the tie winners.

-- Lawrence Krubner

Owner of WPQuestions.com


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Written in response to something Naveen Chand wrote.

Naveen Chand,

About the emails that should be sent out when a new question is posted. I realized that when we moved to the new server, the code we use to post to Twitter broke. There have been no new posts to Twitter since we moved:


The post-to-twitter code was causing an error that killed the whole script, and the call notifySubscribersOfNewQuestionViaEmail() came right after the call to Twitter. So the bad Twitter code was killing the code before it could send email to everyone about new questions.

I didn't have time tonight to fix the Twitter code, so I simply commented it out. Those of you are subscribed to receive email notifications of new questions should start receiving those emails again.


Written in response to something Naveen Chand wrote.

Naveen Chand,

Thank you for writing. I should have posted about this before. We moved to a new server last Sunday, and we have run into a set of bugs that we have been trying to fix all week.

Previously, for over a year, we were on the Rackspace Cloud (which used to be Slicehost before it was acquired). The cloud, in general, is a great low cost way for a website like ours to get started, but we are ambitious about growing this year and we decided we needed to get a large dedicated server. We will soon be rolling out live chat, so askers and experts can talk in real time, and we need a machine that can offer us a lot of RAM to support that.

Thank you for pointing out that the contact form is broken. The mail should go to [email protected], but we used an automated system to copy over the mail accounts (from the old server to the new server) and we just realized tonight that for some reason the "support" inbox was never recreated on the new system.

There were a few other bugs:

* the list of active questions stopped updating (I just fixed this)

* the status of some top experts was not being recorded (I am working on this now)

* the login system needs to be fixed -- I would like to over a single username/password for all of the sites that we launch. We hope to get to this over the next few weeks. It will be especially important when offer live chat.

* not receiving email notifications for newly asked questions -- I will have this fixed in an hour

* Paypal -- I just logged into PayPal and manually sent you the money that was in your WPQuestions balance. I am not sure why PayPal is throwing errors. I've asked PayPal support about this, and I am waiting on their answer.

All of us, (Misty and Chris Clarke and I) be working tonight and tomorrow to find and fix any other bugs that may have been introduced by the move to the new server.

--- lawrence


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Written in response to something Ellah Alzona wrote.

Ellah A,

This is how the money is assigned:


You can see that Christianto (one of the top experts) voted you money here:



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Also, please note, in the new chronological view, all images are rendered inline. See here:





Since WP Questions started, it has had a threaded view on the question/answer pages. Now we introduce a chronological view:


This new layout will become the default next week when we roll out real-time chat. The threaded view won't make sense for real-time chat, but we will keep it forever. However, the threaded view will not be the default view once we roll out real time chat.

Stil to do: I will add in some visual indicator to make clear which "answers" are actually being posted by the asker.


Next week we will be introducing live chat on this site. The chats will be permanent and public. Once the chat is over, all of the posts in the chat will get saved to the database, and displayed just like they are now. I hope the askers will enjoy the experience of being able to talk in real time to the experts.


From now on, when a top expert is logged in, they appear in a banner at the top of the page, and the first 260 characters of their bio also appear. All of you top experts might want to tailor your bios to fit those 260 characters. There is also a new field you can edit, when you edit your personal information, that allows you to input a bio that is specifically meant to show up in that top banner.


I apologize to everyone for the last few days. I was in New Jersey, in the USA, when hurricane Sandy hit. I was without electricity for 5 days. I am now working on the site, so expect some improvements. My first priority is the monthly prize for most upvoted answers. I had the impression that John Cotton was doing well, but I will dig into the details. That code has been buggy, but I intend to fix it now that I have electricity.


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Written in response to something Martin Pham wrote.

Martin Pham, you made a mistake downvoting this? I will upvote it then, to balance out your downvote.


Do you have anything you are selling on a subscription basis? Access to videos or tutorials or a support service? WP Questions will soon be in a bundle of services being sold. We are looking for other related subscription based services that would complement WP Questions. Assume subscribers are paying $25 a month and we would all get a part of that. If you are interested, write to us and we can give you more details:

[email protected]


Chris Clarke and Misty and I have automated the process of creating new sites. So it now only takes us 4 minutes to setup a new site like WP Questions. We will be creating a lot of new sites over the next 2 months. Among some areas we will target:


SEO questions

Get the best prices on travel deals


If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

For now, each site has its own user system, but we will be rolling out a central user system soon (as well as offering Facebook/Twitter/Google account integration)


$100 prize for a bit of Javascript work:



The code I wrote for the monthly prize "Who has the most upvotes" seems to be not working. It looks like Arnov Joy is the clear winner. And the prize is about $200. I will dig into this tomorrow and try to find the bug.


$50 prize on a MySql question, posted over here:


The question is actually about a problem I am having with this page:



I have decided to impose a limit of $100 on questions. I am now limiting what askers can pay to these 10 choices:


Please look at the payment page to understand what askers will see when they post a question:


I am imposing this limit for 2 reasons:

1.) I think it helps new askers better understand what the site is about.

2.) We have had some painful incidents where an asker posts a project for $200, and the project only completes weeks later, after the money has gone to the Community Pot and been paid out to everyone. And then the asker asks for a refund. We end up losing money.


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