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Plugin Dev Book

To date, this book is the most comprehensive resource on WordPress plugin development, written by 3 seasoned and renowned plugin authors in the community: Brad Williams, Justin Tadlock and Ozh Richard (me)

The book covers all the essential API and good practices to create future proof plugins:
* plugin basis : structure, hooks (actions and filters)
* integration into WordPress
* managing users
* internationalization
* plugin security
* all main APIs: settings, HTTP, cron jobs, the rewrite API, shortcodes
* AJAX in WP
* Custom Post Types
* Multisite functions
* How to debug your code, how to promote your plugin, a developer's toolbox

The book is loaded with practical real-life examples and more than 80 plugins that you can download.

For a more detailed description of the book (who exactly this book is for, comprehensive TOC...) feel free to check this page on my site: http://planetozh.com/blog/books/professional-wordpress-plugin-development/

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