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About WP Questions

Mission Statement: the mission of WP Questions is to support the WordPress community by supporting those experts who help the community by answering other people's questions. We support the experts in 2 ways: monetary support and also public praise and recognition.

Lawrence Krubner at Hi, I am Lawrence Krubner, co-owner of this website. I have often needed fast answers for my questions about WordPress so I set up this site as a place for emergency information.

When I am facing a tight deadline, I do not want to spend 4 hours looking up information on Google - I'd rather just pay someone to tell me the answer.

This site is now open to everyone: sign up to ask a question, or to answer someone else's question. This site's top experts have earned hundreds of dollars by answering people's questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a video that explains this site?
    There is now a video where I talk about, which hopefully will give you a basic overview of this site:

  2. Questions that are offensive, illegal, selling commercial services or otherwise irrelevant to WordPress will be deleted.
    Unchallenged prize money will be refunded but listing fees ($1.70 + 6% of the prize) are non-refundable.

  3. How is the front page organized? How do I know what is happening on WPQuestions?"
    The front page shows all activity of the last 3 weeks.
    All events are listed in order of occurrence except for Recommendations which can be voted up the page.
    All events are shown except for answers, recommendations and discourse that have been downvoted.
    This page updates every 5 minutes.

  4. What questions should be asked?
    You should only ask questions specific enough to be answered. The more specific, the better. Example: "Q: Why doesn't this piece of code (attached) work? A: You forgot a semi-colon on line 6".

  5. How long do questions run?
    By default, all questions run for 3 days but end as soon as the best answer is selected by the Asker.

  6. How do I protect the security of my site? How do I avoid someone breaking my site? Who's responsible?
    If you decide to give out any usernames, passwords, addresses or credentials to anyone on the site, we are not responsible for any damage that might occur. Please be extremely careful about who you give login information to. Always back up your data and assets, and always change passwords as soon as a contractor is done working for you. Please remember that WP Questions can not vouch for the quality of work done by any of the experts, and even the most skilled experts sometimes make mistakes.

  7. What if I made errors in my question?
    There is an "Edit" link if you need to make clarifications. You will only see this link when you are logged in, and looking at your question.

  8. How should I price my questions?
    WP Questions believes developers should be paid fairly for their efforts. It's ideal for quick, one-off questions and not intended as a substitute for paying WordPress consultants for more significant 10-20hr contracts, nor is it meant to undercut or cheapen the talents of developers.

    As such, questions which can be discussed and answered in less than an hour should be assigned a prize somewhere between $1 and $100.

  9. Can I increase the prize I have offered?
    Yes, just go to the page where your question is, and be sure you are logged in. Under your question you will see a small "edit" link. If you click that link, you will be taken to a page where you can increase the amount of the prize you are offering.

  10. How do I edit my question?
    Just go to the page where your question is, and be sure you are logged in. Under your question you will see a small "edit" link. If you click that link, you will be taken to a page where you can edit your question. Please consider increasing the prize you are offering, when you edit a question, since you may have caused various experts to invest time in your question when you had provided insufficient information for them to help you.

  11. How are payments handled?
    Both Askers and Experts should have an existing PayPal account. When submitting a new question, Askers will be directed to a PayPal screen to confirm the details. PayPal info is not saved or stored at WP Questions.

  12. How is the correct answer chosen?
    When the Asker receives a sufficient answer to their question, they vote for the Expert who supplied the answer. The Eligible Voting Community has the opportunity to vote on the question till 2am of the second day. The votes are tallied, averaged, and the prize distributed accordingly.

    Experts who offered an answer to the question are welcomed to vote for another Expert who they feel offered an excellent answer, but, are not eligible to vote for themselves.

  13. Do you have a list of pending questions?
    Why, yes we do! Right here.

  14. Who is the Eligible Voting Community?
    Any expert who has earned at least 1% of all the money that has ever gone through the site.
    Any expert who has earned at least 2% of all the money that went through the site in the last 30 days.
    Any sponsor who would like to pay money to support the site.

  15. What if multiple Experts answer correctly?
    If the later Experts simply repeat the first Expert, then you should give the prize to the first Expert. However, if you gained useful information from several Experts, then you should split the prize money among them.

  16. What if no one answers a question?
    If the Asker's question isn't answered sufficiently, the Asker has the option to donate the prize to the community pot or request a refund.
    A request for a refund must be made within two weeks after the question closes. If a refund is requested and no one challenges the request within 48 hours, the Asker receives the refund automatically. In the case of a challenge, we reserve the right to determine whether a question has been answered and how the prize will be distributed. To make this determination we can only use work and discourse done on site.
    We reserve discretion regarding refund of listing fees.

    Remember: if you price a complex question too low, some Experts may not consider answering worth his/her time.

  17. Do you have a list of pending refund requests?
    Why, yes we do! Right here.

  18. Do you have a list of refunded questions?
    Why, yes we do! Right here.

  19. What if correct answers are provided but the Asker doesn't choose a winner?
    The Asker is charged upfront so there is no way to "game the system" by not paying. If the Asker abandons the question, and never votes, then the question remains open for 2 weeks after the question's end date. During this time voting is open to the Eligible Voting Community. Any question that has no votes after 2 weeks has its prize money assigned to the Community Pot.

  20. What is the Flag button? What does it mean if an answer has been flagged? What do you do if someone has posted an obviously wretched, broken, leading-to-the-pits-of-hell answer? Or an amazingly elegant answer?
    Please use the flag button if an answer contains serious factual errors or is an obvious abuse of the site. You are eligible to flag an answer if you have earned 1% of all winnings awarded on the site, or earned 2% of all winnings awarded during the last 30 days. You may vote an answer up or down and add discourse. If an answer accumulates a net worth of three down-votes it will be marked as such. You may not upvote your own answer. For further details on this topic read more here: Flagging an answer.

  21. When do Experts get paid?
    As soon as the Asker picks a best answer, the question is archived, and the Expert can log in to their control panel and withdraw money to their PayPal account. Both Asker and Expert must be registered WP Questions users.

  22. But isn't your site exploitive?
    We get this question from time to time. Please read the debate that occurred on this page.

  23. I have an idea for a site like yours, but focused on a different topic. Can I license your software?
    We hope to offer our software as a hosted solution soon. Follow our blog for announcements. Details are on the blog.

  24. Why wasn't WPQuestions built with WordPress?
    Building the site with WordPress would have been very complex. For a complete discussion of the issues, please visit here.

  25. Why should I use your site when I can just ask my question for free on the official WordPress site, or StackOverflow, or Experts Exchange, or a thousand other forums?
    I set up this site because I found that some of my questions got ignored on the official WordPress site. On some level, this makes sense: WordPress experts deserve to get paid for their time, they may not want to answer my questions for free. I was frustrated with Experts Exchange because I had to pay money, yet none of the money went to the experts who were answering my questions - I wanted to be able to at least tip them. StackOverflow and all the other forums on the web are great, but sometimes I want people to write my code for me, and on those other forums people tend to give good advice, but they do not actually write code for me. I set up this site so that I could pay money and get people to answer my questions fast, and to write code for me when I did not want to do it myself. You can read the whole history of my thoughts here.

  26. What language do we use here?
    Polite language, please. More specifically, the language of this site is English. If you prefer to converse in another language, please do so through personal messages.

  27. I like the font you use in your logo. What font is it?
    It's called Semilla. We are glad you like it.

  28. Do you have a plugin for WordPress to help with the setup of your affiliate system?
    We do not provide such a plugin, but one was created by Tomas Petrasiunas. The plugin is here. We provide no warranty for the plugin and can not say whether it is effective or not.

  29. How can I withdraw my earnings?
    First off, be sure, that the email you used to register here is associated with your PayPal account. Then go to your profile page:
    Screenshot of link to click to see your account and withdraw money
    Check your current balance (figure 1) to see how much money you can withdraw at the moment. Enter the sum you would like to withdraw (figure 2) and click 'Withdraw Cash' button. That's all!
    How to withdraw money from your account
    Also, click 'Withdrawals' link (figure 3) to see your past withdrawals.

  30. Where can I learn more?
    Get started by first reading our blog tutorials on asking a new question and voting to assign prize money.

  31. Complaints?
    Please write us with any complaints, or call Lawrence on his cell phone: 434-825-7694. The contact form should be filled in like this:
    How to fill in the contact form

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