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Error: Upload folder is not writable. Export and file upload...



I've recently logged into the back end of my site to make some urgent changes and am receiving the error message:

Upload folder is not writable. Export and file upload features will not be functional.

I've not made any changes to the website or host for some time.

I have no idea how to change this and am not an expert on WP or hosts. Would someone mind fixing this for me please?


Answers (3)


Jonah Schulte answers:

Hi, I can fix this for you. Please direct message me the login information for your server and I'll take care of it! I will need the Wordpress admin login as well as your server FTP or SSH login information, and obviously the address of your web site.



Jarret Minkler answers:

Change permissions of folder to 755 in your filemanager


S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

go to your filemanager (filezilla ?)
find the folder of uploads (wp-content>uploads)
right click on this folder > "permissions of the folder"
type 755 as value and submit
that's all