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Cannot login, error appearing on site

Hi I'm getting the following error on the wp web site and I cannot seem to login to the back end or recover my password.

WordPress database error: [Table 'eionb_arvnew.wp_users' doesn't exist]
SELECT * FROM wp_users WHERE ID = '1'

Any thoughts?

Best wishes

Answers (4)


Arnav Joy answers:

have you updated theme or did something?

Eoin comments:

no nothing


PHPSmashCode answers:


Check your database prefix. Make sure it is "wp_".

What change you recently did in wp site?

Eoin comments:

ok - but can't login

PHPSmashCode comments:

Login to your phpmyadmin to ccheck it. or just check wp-config.php for the $table_prefix.

/* MySQL database table prefix. */
$table_prefix = 'wp_';


mattp answers:

You may have a corrupted database. Have you got a backup of you database at all? If you have got a backup of the database I would recommend that you try replacing it with the backup copy.

Eoin comments:

not sure I'll check :(


Shoeb mirza answers:

You need repairing the database...

Log in to your phpMyAdmin:


Go to Databases


Click on your data base

Check all

At the bottom right drop down click on repair database

Eoin comments:

Thanks - I'll try!

Eoin comments:

Tried it but no joy.