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Advanced WordPress Coding (Paypal API) (Budget: $50)


Hello Developers, I need help with these things:
1. Retrieve Paypal data to WP. A form is used on WP to rceive paypal payment.

2. Create automatic two connected posts with retrieved data.

For visual understanding I have taken screenshots and explained the job. Yet if you need login just ask.

Check the images serially:

Dropbox links to images

Let me know if anything is unclear. Thanks !

I will pay $50+ for the task.

Answers (1)


PHPSmashCode answers:

Hi Jihan,

I would like to check it, can i get server access?


Jihan Ahmed comments:

sent on skype

PHPSmashCode comments:


Jihan Ahmed comments:

You did a great a job. It was not easy to achieve all these things the connected post, paypal api. I am really happy with the work. Thanks !